2019/2020, Tecnica mista su tela, 250x140cm


Marco Battaglini was born in Verona, Italy, in 1969. His work echoes a sense of anxiety inherent in the western society of the twenty-first century. The artist produces an aesthetic shock through his artworks : his style is full of eclecticism with a touch of humor. It makes the viewer smile but the artist is deep down asking questions about the dogma that underlies the current artistic and social scenes.

The factor that makes the Italian artist Marco Battaglini unique, is the capacity of conceptualizing the possible coexistence of the ideal classic beauty with the contemporary urban aesthetics, the combination of the divine with vulgar . And he does it through a composition capable of integrating different realities in an 'eternal instant'. In this re-contextualization, classic paintings are combined with elements of pop culture and urban art .

Each of Battaglini’s works offers a series of details that allow the spectator to gradually discover new meanings with a careful reading and a reflection on the dissolution of the barriers of time and space that art can achieve. He creates a harmonic mix that forces us to reconsider our values and the reality in which we live. He lays bare the influence of consumerism on our way of living and thinking , referring not just to consumption of products, but also of the images, icons, and symbols that make up the fabric of our culture, our collective imagination, and our lives.

Battaglini exhibited in Italy and abroad, in numerous galleries and relevant fairs such as Basilea. Auction houses such as Christie's mark his success worldwide.


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