Francoise Abraham

Françoise Abraham is a French dancer and sculptress born in 1962. She was six years old when she started dancing; she was trained by teachers from the Opera of Paris, studying both ballet and contemporary dance. 

In 1994 she devoted herself to sculpture, but she keeps the motion element in her work. In fact, her figures dance in their sinuous and elongated lines. She creates sculptures made of bronzes' patinas which make them shine under the lights, as well as in colored resin that reveals the vivacity and energy of the artist. In this way she mixes technical skills and creativity, realizing works full of imagination, exuberance, roundness, sensuality and humour that move energetically into space.

She exhibited in galleries and participated in fairs around the world, such as in Paris, Venice, Milan, Cannes, Marseille, Lausanne, Genève, New York, Miami, Chicago, Canton and many others. 

Françoie Abraham is a French dancer and sculptor born in 1962. Her figures seem to dance thanks to their sinuous and elongated lines.