Oil on canvas, 91x91cm


Oil on canvas, 91x91cm


Oil on canvas, 76x101cm


Michele  Poirier Mozzone

Michele Poirier Mozzone (Boston) is an American painter. After graduating in Fine Arts at the Emmanel Collage in Boston, she began to work with watercolour, then moved on to pastels and finally to oil, a medium that can return better texture and colour gradation.
Her artistic research focuses on the study of the interaction between water, light and bodies: her paintings, in fact, attempt to render with precision the movements of the water, the reflections of the light, the behaviour of the bodies and the refraction of the light. As a result, her works are both figurative and abstract: the figurative part is given by human bodies; the abstract one by the lines of light, waves, objects that are seen outside the water through it, sometimes difficult to identify.
All this makes the image almost oneiric, where it is impossible to establish a space and a time.
Since 2013, Michelle has been participating in both solo and collective exhibitions in the U.S.A., where she has won multiple awards.

I was always the artsy kid lost in her sketches with pencils, paints, and markers scattered about. I was the introspective one for whom a pencil and paper provided hours of entertainment.