APRIL, 10 • 2024
Art Revolution

The collaboration between Sist’Art Gallery and the Michelin-starred chef Enrico Bartolini spreads and becomes international.

After the success at the GLAM Restaurant in Venice and at the CASUAL Restaurant of Villa Elena in Bergamo, a new project is launched at Roberto’s, in the heart of DIFC.

Dubai emerges as one of the most important cities of the Middle East and of the world, it beats a resemblance to an ultra-modern Venice due to the presence of many small islands; thus Sist’Art carves a space for itself in this precise context of development, bringing in a well-known and patronized restaurant such as Roberto’s some of its most valuable artists: Elvira, Jisbar and Davide Puma.

Fine dining enthusiasts will now be able to enjoy a superior culinary experience accompanied by the masterpieces of a triad of modern and innovative artists, exhibited in the restaurant’s various locales. Without forgetting that Roberto’s is the only restaurant in the heart of the DIFC to boas a view on the tallest skyscraper in the world, the renowned Burj Khalifa.

To unveil the project an exclusive launch party will be held, in which participants will have the chance of being among the first to appreciate these works, which will be presented by a guest artist and by the Gallery itself.

Inside Piemonte , the elegant restaurant area, guests will find the extremely modern and stylish works of Elvira. They are an innovative reinterpretation of self-portrait in which body paint and photography are weaved together, in a series reminiscent of the elegance of chef Enrico Bartolini’s dishes’ and of his expressive complexity both. The softness of the subjects strongly opposes and complements the marked black/white contrast, resulting in the works’ sophisticated and strong personality.

In the entrance and in the Lounge the colorful and energetic works of Jisbar will be on show. Urban art super star, he’s well known worldwide for his mix of references from not only the art world, but fashion, cinema and anything pop culture as well. His ability to describe the present through the past has made him a modern icon.  He is currently collaborating with BMW, Armani, F1, G-Shock, IKKS, Fabio Quartararo, Belvedere Vodka and is being exhibited all around the world, including one sponsored by Paris’ Louvre Museum. At Roberto’s three of his main icons will be on show: Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marylin Monroe and the world-famous Kate Moss for Playboy. This avant-garde recall of the past to recount the present seems to be talking the same language of Dubai and the Arab Emirates as a whole.

Davide Puma’s Fiorito is a portrayal of the constant change and transmutation on which any kind of creativity, in this case artistic and culinary, stands.

Puma’s production is strictly entwined to the animal and vegetal worlds, hung in a dreamy and timeless context. There however stands a very precise reference to modernity, as every artist tends to represent the times they live in. Nature is therefore depicted as innate of every element, due to its tendency of manifesting when not directly suppressed. This can be a very appropriate reflection if imagined as part of the ever-urbanized context in which we live.

Despite that, in an avant-garde region such as the Emirates especially, a need to incorporate nature among the urban by innovative, green projects is surfacing.