APRIL, 15 • 2024

Sist’Art Gallery renovates its collaboration with Mo.1950 after the success of the matching between art  and design of February 2023, which saw works form the artists Jisbar and Elvira exhibited in their showroom in Via Carducci, Milan.

The renewal of Sist’Art’s collection at Mo.1950 happens in conjunction with the start of the 62nd edition of Salone del Mobile. Exhibited artists will be Eric Alfaro, Gil Bruvel, Elvira, Jisbar and Tobia Ravà.

Concurrently with Salone del Mobile, the pre-opening of the 60th Biennale Arte will be held in Venice. The two events prove to be closely related, both for their international resonance and for their ability to tell and frame events of a certain time period through art and design. In both events there’s an emergence of themes, expressing common feelings stirring in each era, aiming to make creators and viewers reflect.

Nature and recycling are main points of reflections for creators, and are therefore key concepts in a design fair that wants to focus on the environmental, economic and social responsibilities both of individuals and companies, and on the knowledge that an ecological transition is long due.

To this important theme Mo.1950 answers with an exhibition titled “TRACCE” (Traces). While all the furniture is entwined to TRACCE through significance and styling, a room has been dedicated to this concept with a project by Lualdi Meraldi Studio with Frag, Olivieri and Carpet Edition to which Sist’Art takes inspiration to propose works by Jisbar that are themselves connected to the idea of “leftovers”.

As Lualdi Meraldi Studio presents leftover material from seats in the form of an artwork, Jisbar’s exhibited Monalisas are made from pieces of paper used as wall protection from paint spatters. This paper, too permeated by and representative of the artistic process, is then recycled by Jisbar to create stencil artworks that are themselves traces of the backstage of other artworks and of the work employed to make them.  A working process that begins with the preparation and the first studies and continues through new additions that are compared, studied, reviewed and modified until the perfect formal balance is acheaved. Leftovers are no longer wasting, they become trace and, furthermore, value.

As the cornerstone of the collaboration stands the use of color. Art is incorporated by the concept store sometimes through chromatic pairings, sometimes with the goal of breaking a certain balance to create an even stronger one, yet always with the intent of respecting and exalting a certain sensation: the one of peace, energy, reflection, and modernity.

Photo: Paolo Riolzi