DECEMBER, 17 • 2021
Sist'Mas: local women's crafts in Venice

The Christmas market in a Sist'Art Gallery key: Sist'Mas is the event that promotes local women's crafts in Venice .

The appointment is for 17, 18 and 19 December 2021 from 10.00 to 20.00 in the deconsecrated chapel in Piazza San Marco (next to the Ex-Olivetti Showroom).

Sist'Art Gallery continues to be a promoter of talent s and organizes a three-day event to promote local crafts and returns to illuminate Venice and St. Mark's Square: a lot of magic and pure Christmas spirit for a Christmas market made only by women, Venetian artisans by birth or adoption . The context is unique: the magnificent Waldensian church dated late 19th century, today a deconsecrated chapel overlooking the square.

The artisans will exhibit their creations conceived as gift ideas but also as a reminder of a magical moment, enjoyed during a weekend in Venice. Perhaps the market organized by Sist'Art in a continuous dialogue with the city and with the its traditions, is the occasion to rediscover Venice.

Starting from home decorations made of fabric and leather bags, passing through children’s toys, up to preserves with Sant'Erasmo’s products and honey collected in the Lagoon. Many proposals to underline the need to create a local network to rediscover the pleasure to experience Venice and, above all, to enjoy the charm of the Christmas lights and the nearby tree that illuminate the square and the “procuratie” by their sparkle.

Promoter of the event is Sara Sist, founder and face of the gallery. "Many women are frightened by the idea of becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own commercial project", she says, "so I find it essential to encourage them."

For this reason, Sara Sist decided to make the space managed by the gallery and its entire staff available for free: the artisans were only asked to make a contribution for the basic costs connected to the promotion of the event.

During the Sist’Mas market we will collect some toys (preferably new).

For the occasion, the Gallery joined the Arca Project .

The organization is based in Milan and manages several actvities to help people and families in economic difficulties, supporting them on theyr way to autonomy and integration. "We want to try to give a moment of joy to all children, even very young, who no longer have a safe place to stay, for varius reasons". The Arca Project runs protected communities that welcome women and mothers with their children, both migrants and Italians.

During the three days of the market we would like to collect as many toys as possible!

All those who will not be able to take part in the markets, they can still contact us .