AUGUST, 22 • 2022
Gianfranco Meggiato - exhibition L'Uomo Quantico"

Gianfranco Meggiato , during his whole artistic career, has always been trying to create a connection between men, his inner self and the outer world . He dedicated himself to seek for a cosmic equilibrium and a balance between energy forces. We can notice this from his wise use of forms that he moulds alternating full and empty spaces with the aim to create very essential and simple installation, although their complexity.

In the exhibition ‘ L’uomo quantico, non c’è futuro senza memoria , curated by Michale Brignone, held from July 28th, 2021 to January 04, 2022 in the Archeological Park of The Valley of Temples in Agrigento (UNESCO World Heritage), the artist was aimed to relate contemporary art with ancient art .

The artworks presented are 13, 4 of which site specific. All sculptures are in harmony with the light and the surrounding nature, but also perfectly connected with the ancient, precious and delicate materials of the temples . This result is obtained thanks to their shapes and the metal alloys that has been used. The close dialogue between contemporary and ancient, present and past, was able to generate in the spectator the feeling of being in a place where time was on hold and a reflection on the contemporary man was herefore allowed. A man that is master of his future and in constant relation with his past. At the same time, the temples, with their symbology and the mythological figures them-related, are suggesting us that the future remains enigmatic and uncertain.

The exhibition begins with ‘ Lo specchio dell’Assoluto ’, placed in front of the Temple of Juno. Between the most relevant art pieces we can list ‘ L’Uomo Quantico , that gives the name to the show. It has been realized in loco , without preparatory drawings. The material used is steel and aluminum, and has been located in front of the Temple of Concord. Another important artwork is ‘ Il soffio della vita , made by aluminum and brass, that seems to reflect the stringing of Eracle’s bow. The sculptures ' S fera Aquarius and ‘ Quanto di luce , are placed there almost to stand guard the Temple of Zeus. The Temple seems illuminated by the amber light reflected by the sphere that are found inside the two sculptures. We finally need to mention  ‘ Taurus’ , that is seen in relation with Zeus, Head of all the Gods in the Greek mythology.

Roberto Sciarratta, director of the Archeological Park,  was enthusiastic for the final result, recognizing to Meggiato the ability, most of all, to make interact his art with the archeological site.