DECEMBER, 23 • 2023
Art Basel Miami 2023: Emerging and established artists come together for an unforgettable experience.

Art Basel Miami , one of the most important events in the art world for both contemporary and modern art, was held from December 5th to 10th in Miami, Florida.

Several satellite fairs developed over the years parallel to the giant Art Basel. Among the main ones we can mention: Art Miami + Context Art Miami, Scope Art Show, Untitled Art and Red Dot Art Fair.

This year, Sist’Art divides and implements its team to attend to two events: Scope Art Show, fifth attending edition, and Context Art Miami, for the second time on the circuit after Art Wynwood 23.

The two events are in different locations and present two distinct curatorship. Scope is located in Miami Beach , right on the sand, where the colors of the sable and of the ocean, along with the dynamic and fun-oriented attitude of those who attend to it, contribute to the success of the fair. But above all the reasons why this art fair is so acclaimed, there is the careful selection of artists made by the committee: social themes alternate with popular art or visionary subjects; then, the kind of artworks showcased are realized with the most classic techniques, up to revolutionary installations and innovative projects. The curatorship of this year particularly, has been very specific and brought the fair to a different standard along with to a great success.

Context takes place in Miami downtown and is connected to the more historicized Art Miami. While at Art Miami we can recognize the most important names of the 20th and 21st centuries, Context promotes emerging artists or those that are already known to the general public – whose path is in a phase of growth and affirmation. What you can feel there, is to be in a mood of creative competitiveness, which tends to push everyone’s limits, equally as an artist, gallerist or visitor, in order to be enriched and go out full of adrenaline.

Compared to last year, which recorded a frenetic pace and a big mass participation, this edition went slower, probably due to the instability caused by the war and inflation. The audience was also made up mostly of art lovers, people in the industry and collectors, who have nevertheless guaranteed the economic success.

This year Sist’Art presented numerous artistic new entries to the Miami public, and we are happy to announce how these artists have achieved an enormous success.

An example above all we can mention Raffaele Minotto : one of his earlier works was sold during the VIP preview, in the very first hours of the opening at Scope. All his others paintings went sold out before the end of the fair.

Ivana Živić’ s work was also very appreciated, because capable of touching the most emotional chords of the audience, thanks to the freedom of her bodies floating into the water. The same hit was recorded by Sergio Frada , who captured the attention of the collectors with his evocative and surreal views of Venice.

Davide Puma , with his soft colors and unique style capable of combining impressionism and surrealism, was among the most loved artists at Context. The dreamlike aspect of his representations enchanted the spectators and catapulted them into a magical world of animals and enchanted gardens.

Obviously, also the artists already known to the public have reached a huge success and satisfaction.

Jisbar confirms himself as one of the most recognized and sought-after artists among enthusiasts and collectors. The fact that he is very young and responsive with fans and collectors immediately helps to create an empathic relationship with people that approach his art.

Tobia Ravà this year presents a new cycle of works: this time spherical in shape. This novelty, thanks also to a different perspective’s point of view of the images comparable to a fisheye (that gives the idea of 3D), has intrigued and bewitched collectors. Different alphanumeric combinations together to build new images-stories in a circle, that is one of the perfect geometric shapes.

Finally, we need to mention Gianfranco Meggiato , always able to fascinate with his kinetic bronzes. He is present in almost all the fairs in Miami, and with us at Scope. At the same time he was inaugurating an important exhibition in Rome, “The Dioscuri return to Rome”.

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